WesWes Swain

Founding Member

Wes is maker from NC who enjoys creating stuff out of many different materials and techniques.

Recently, his most famous work was a Mario Kart 8 baby nursery that he created for his son. It was fortunate to get picked up on all of the major gaming sites and even some mainstream news outlets!

Wes’ background includes serving in the US Military, some training in Digital Art/ Animation and even some time working at Epic Games as a video game tester! If you wish to know more, just ask!

Connect with Wes: Instagram/Geeksmithing || YouTube/Geeksmithing || Geeksmithing.com ||Twitch

shawnShawn Jolicoeur

Founding Member

Raised on a diet of Transformers, Thundercats, and Construx. Shawn developed a love of everything Geek. After studying digital and traditional animation in college, he worked several years as a web and graphic designer, network consultant, and even spent a short time in Hollywood reviewing and recommending scripts for feature film production. For the last 15 years Shawn has been working as a high school English, Animation, and Computer Science teacher. When he’s not lecturing about rhetorical analysis or dodging infinite loops, he’s creating and making with his family for GeekBuilders.net; focusing on fun builds and stories that can be shared with everyone.

Connect with Shawn: Instagram/GeekBuilders || YouTube/GeekBuilders || GeekBuilders.net || Twitch

Donovan Ewing

Donovan is a Maker, Dad, and a Geek (just like the slogan of the podcast!). Coming from a background of animation, film-making and being raised by a woodworker (dad) and a crafter (mom), he puts all those things together to create narrative style build videos on YouTube. Like mixing nostalgia with power tools, he creates fun and functional geek-themed projects based on video games, movies, cartoons, and pop culture. Part of the trio that started the Art of Geek Challenge, he also tries to share his love of geek and making with others on Instagram, and now this podcast.

Connect with Donovan: Instagram/OnceUponaWorkbench || YouTube/OnceUponaWorkbench|| Patreon/OnceUponaWorkbench

JoshJosh Price

Founding Member

After dropping out of engineering school, Josh served in the Army for 8 years as a helicopter crew member.  Since leaving the military, he has worked in the defense contracting world as a survival instructor and as a program planner.  He now works over at the I Like to Make Stuff Youtube channel.

Always wanting more and striving to create, he found himself saying, “I can make that” a lot. So he got some tools and started making things out of whatever he could find. The P.I. Workshop has rekindled a love of designing, tinkering, and making he thought he had lost.  Along with his wife, Josh runs his workshop as an element of their family’s homeschool and as a STEAM educational outreach program for kids throughout the Jacksonville, Florida area.

Connect with Josh:  Instagram/thepiworkshop || YouTube/thepiworkshop || ThePiWorkshop.com

MarkMark O’Keefe

Founding Member

Mark is the brand new rookie father of the group who is a husband, full-time communications technician, amateur woodworker, and amateur maker. Like the rest of the group, he enjoys most things geeky, including sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons, comics, games, and toys. He learns whatever he can to become better at what he loves and looks forward to the day his daughter is old enough to teach her the geeky ways of her parents.

Connect with Mark: Instagram/Asylum_Designs